Ideas for stair railings from Santiago Quiros

White-and-Wood Stairway

For conventional-style houses, the tightly tailored appearance of a classic white-and-wood-tone stairwell is usually the most suitable choice. Here, a stringer and simple square baluster uprights are perked up with treads and a natural wood handrail.

Finely Forged

Gracefully shaped baluster elements produce a complex iron stair railing that takes a slight twist in the landing.

Progressive Passage

The flat lines of the stair railing accentuate (and safely enclose) a floating staircase ascending behind a kitchen’s serving area. Accessible finishes and several metals, these clean-lined contemporary nature is immediately established by stair railings.

Cottage Railing

Wood blocks connecting the balusters give and a bit of sturdiness for this stairs to custom style.

Unfussy Form

Matched with square balusters, clearly profiled handrails and posts, and a white-painted finish, this stair railing totally satisfies the monochromatic color scheme that is breezy.

Frameless glass railing

Theatrical Installation

Together with the design of the railings of a ship, this steel balustrade bends along with the stairway as they ascend from landing. Artistic measurement is added by horizontally set balusters extending beyond the posts, perfectly in sync together with the staircase’s fetching form.

Handsome Harmonies

Whether made from iron or carved from wood, custom stair railings put in formal stairways and a grand finish. This stairway’s towering paneled wall inspired neutral finish and the stair railing’s large types. Stair posts with carved details balance the railing’s ample carved balusters and broad handrail.

Elegantly Engineered

Superbly detailed balusters held in place by mounts that are ornamental and an arch rail join for a fabulous focal point. The simply lined handrail on the inner wall ensures safe passageway for pairs going down the stairs in the exact same time.


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